Change a life and make a difference to Wageningen University

Supporting the university by connecting people, ideas and funds, that is what the university fund is all about. With your help, we want to make a difference for researchers and students.
By supporting us again this year, you will help make the three following goals possible:


Awarding students and staff for their excellent and exceptional accomplishments

Would you like for excellent accomplishments to get the attention they deserve? With your gift, you can support the continuation of awards like the Teacher of the Year Award and the Thesis Award. The awards underline the good level of education and research at Wageningen UR and help motivate students and researchers to strive for the very best.

The Teacher of the Year Award acts as a source of inspiration for teachers and underlines the importance of good education. It also encourages the exchange of teaching methods and philosophies among teachers.
Prof. dr. Noelle Aarts, Teacher of the Year 2015
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Getting a proper education can make a world of difference for talented students from poor countries. And not only for themselves, also their family, community or entire country will benefit when they take their new knowledge home. The Anne van der Ban Fund makes it possible for these students to become the teachers, researchers and policy makers that can make a difference. With your donation, you contribute to their success.

My career still lies before me. But whatever the outcome, in some years from now I’ll return to Indonesia to contribute to my countries development, probably in the biobased sector. I’m very happy and with the support of the Anne van den Ban Fund. I feel privileged and extra motivated to study seriously.
Kevin Yonathan from Indonesia


Storm-van der Chijs Fund- stipends for talented female researchers

Women are gaining territory in science. But still the share of female professors is very small. The Storm-van der Chijs Fund gives female talents the opportunity to invest in their scientific career. With your donation, you will help female scientists to connect with other scientists and to gain knowledge at an international congress or symposium.

The grants from the Storm-van der Chijs Fund are a wonderful boost for women to stay in science.
Prof. dr. ir. Arthur P.J. Mol, Rector of Wageningen University

Even with a small gift, you will help Wageningen scientists reach their goals.

For already 130 years, ‘Wageningers’ make special things happen for students and the university. Participate in that tradition and donate today. Even with a small gift, you will make a big difference!