Tourism is an ever-growing, global and world-making phenomenon. It is one of the world’s largest economic sectors. More than 1.4 billion international tourists globally generate one in ten jobs and 10% of the GDP. However, its societal and environmental challenges cannot be ignored. Tourism affects the quality of life and well-being of individuals, has important environmental consequences and plays an important role in community, regional and urban development.

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For the urgent challenges within the domain of tourism, there are no clear-cut solutions. However, by executing high-quality scientific research, helping to translate our knowledge into practice worldwide and by training professionals and students, we aim to contribute to sustainable tourism development. At Wageningen University & Research, more than 20 staff members and over 200 students are addressing these challenges by participating in undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate education on tourism and executing research projects. Read the factsheet>

Our research on tourism covers six main themes.

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Framing the Other is a documentary made by alumni of MSc Leisure, Tourism and Environment about tourism and its complex relationships with indigenous communities. It reveals the intriguing thoughts of a Mursi woman from Southern Ethiopia and that of a Dutch tourist as they prepare themselves for meeting each other.