Global One Health

Controlling the risks of disease outbreaks and reducing endemic infectious diseases are crucial to food security, public health, climate change and biodiversity. We use the phrase ‘A Global One Health’, as it reflects the interconnectedness and global nature of health care for humans, animals, plants and the environment. Many health risks can be controlled through effective interventions consisting of an adequate and varied food supply, hygiene, medicines, vaccines, vector control and crop protection.

Multidisciplinary research

A sustainable and shared approach requires an integrated analysis of infectious diseases, with contributions from various knowledge domains. We perform research into infectious diseases, vectors, ecology, epidemiology, healthy agriculture (animal health and plant health), healthy nutrition and intestinal flora, food security and safety, and social health issues. Through a system approach, we provide an essential contribution to improving the health of people, animals and plants.

Four themes

Global One Health at Wageningen University & Research focuses on four themes, covering a broad spectrum of health and diseases in a societal context. Within all subthemes multidisciplinary research and research integration is endorsed.   

1. Health and (emerging) infectious diseases

The health of people, animals, and their environments are closely connected: think of zoonosis, plant pests or other vector borne diseases. Understanding these interactions is crucial to safeguard the health of people everywhere on the planet. Besides these communicable diseases, a significant impact on public health is caused by global challenges, such as malnutrition, urbanisation and climate change. A Global One Health approach studies the effects created by this double burden and formulates strategies to control, mitigate and prevent them.


2. Health and environment (incl. climate change)

Automating and robotising the processing of agricultural products is taking flight. From harvesting and seedling selection machines to computer models that provide detailed information, Wageningen University & Research ensures that the Netherlands stays on top of the newest developments.


3. Health and society

4. Health and food

Consumers are critical, not only regarding the quality of products, but also their origin. Aspects such as sustainability, child labour, fair distribution and climate all play a role. Wageningen University & Research examines various aspects of commercial chains to fully understand how consumers make choices, how trade lines operate and how to improve trade links.


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