4TU.Centre for Engineering Education

Delft University of Technology, Eindhoven University of Technology, the University of Twente and Wageningen University & Research combine their education innovation within the 4TU.Centre for Engineering Education (4TU.CEE).

4TU.CEE bundles experience with education innovation projects using an innovation map. New developments are highlighted in newsletters, blogs and publications. 4TU.CEE has meetings on education innovation like the ones shown on the right side of this page.

4TU.CEE offers workshops and events; some examples are shown below:


How to beat procrastination

15 June Wageningen. For Lecturers, study advisors and student counsellors of 4TU

A 1-day workshop to support lecturers who struggle with procrastinating tendencies of students. It will provide you with useful information and strategies that will support you in helping students to develop the mind-set and the capacity to start and finish their projects on time! Procrastination is a behaviour which consists of postponing relevant work or projects that need to be performed, either by delaying the beginning of such work, or not being able to finalize it. Procrastination is particularly pressing for students who suffer from fear of failure and/or paradoxically, fear of success. This workshop will address the psychological underpinnings of the procrastination behaviour; who is at higher risk; what are the causes, the emotional signs and consequences of procrastination; what the latest psychological research says about it, and how it can be effectively addressed by lecturers.

After the workshop you will:

  • Be able to assess whether your students are engaging in procrastination or only displaying healthy delaying behaviours
  • Learn how to effectively bring the topic of “Procrastination” to your student´s awareness
  • Help students think on how to develop a personalized plan to address their procrastination tendencies
  • Support your student´s efforts by helping them develop monitoring strategies to keep track of their progress.

Trainer:  Dr. Jessica Price, Psychologist, Trainer, Lecturer Intercultural Sensitivity, Bremen, Germany

Location: Wageningen Campus, Impulse building (building nr: 115)

Costs are covered by 4TU.CEE.

Registration: before 1 June through the 4TU.CEE website. More information via e-mail.

Inclusiveness for better study

18 September Wageningen. For Lecturers, study advisors and student counsellors

Given powerful forces like social media, globalisation and migration, more and more individuals in university experience an enriching and fruitful environment. However, some find it very difficult to successfully navigate highly diverse environments, especially when topics such as cultural differences, politics, gender and religious practices are discussed. Even the most well meaning can make painful mistakes that can lead to cultural conflict and misunderstanding. In this training, you are guided through some of the most challenging topics in the field of inclusion, such as micro-aggression, cultural appropriation and implicit bias. Furthermore you will be trained in how to create an inclusive environment.

You will develop

  • Awareness of own unchecked biases
  • Understanding about what micro-aggression is, how this toxic environment affects those who experience it
  • Understanding of implicit bias of others, and the negative impact that it has in future careers
  • Understanding of why cultural appropriation is highly upsetting for various cultural groups and how to prevent it
  • Skills on how to foster an inclusive and culturally sensitive environment

Costs are covered by 4TU.CEE.

Registration: before 4 September through the 4TU.CEE website. More information via e-mail.