BSc minor Biotechnology (WUBIT)

Biotechnology is a fast developing field of science and technology with impact on many disciplines. Public discussions on biotechnology are often controversial.

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Overview of courses 2019-2020

Name course Course Code Period CS/RO
Cell Physiology and Genetics BIC20306 4WD CS
Enzymology BIC20806 6WD CS
Physical Transport Phenomena BCT22803 5AF RO1A
Environmental Process Engineering ETE23803 5AF RO1A
Separation Process Design BPE20806 5MO RO1B
Gene Technology MOB20306 5MO RO2A
Bioprocess Engineering Basics BT BPE12806 5MO RO2B

RO1: Students with FPE-21306 or BCT-22803 in their major (BFT, BAT, BES-C) choose RO1B. All other students choose RO1A.

RO2: Students with MOB-20306 as part of their major (BBI-A) choose RO2B. All other students choose RO2A. Students following RO1B (BFT, BAT, BES-C)  can follow RO2A in 6WD.

Students following a Bachelor with major in engineering or life science other than BSc Biotechnology will learn more about the exciting developments in biotechnology when following this BSc minor.

Learning Outcomes

After successful completion of this minor students are expected to be able to:

  • explain basic principles of genetic engineering, enzymology and process engineering;
  • apply recombinant DNA and biochemical techniques;
  • apply (mathematic) tools for process engineering and modelling;
  • apply basic regulations when working with genetically modified micro-organisms;
  • understand basics in process engineering.

Target groups

This minor is interesting for:

  • BBI Biology
  • BAS Animal Sciences
  • BFT Food Technology
  • BES Environmental Sciences
  • BPW Plant Sciences
  • BVG Nutrition and Health
  • The Bachelor Chemical Engineering

Assumed knowledge

For all b├Ęta BSc programmes.

Overlapping courses or content with

BBT Biotechnology, BML Molecular Life Sciences. Both cannot join this minor due to overlap with their programme.




Second semester (period 4, 5 and 6)

Programme or thematic

Programme minor