BSc minor Conservation Tourism: Policies and Practices (WUCST)

The phenomenal growth in the last 50 years of tourism worldwide has evolved into important opportunities and challenges for integrated conservation and socio-economic development. By targeting biodiversity conservation through different tourism arrangements, complex and contested practices come to our attention.

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Note: studyyear 2019-2020 is the last time this minor is offered.


This minor aims at an interdisciplinary understanding of such tourism arrangements, better known as Conservation Tourism, by specifically looking at governance processes that effect the development of people and nature.

The minor combines tourism, international development and nature conservation with socio-spatial and policy analyses. The integral study of tourism practices is of great societal relevance considering the impacts ideas about sustainable, competitive and responsible tourism can bring to nature conservation and development of people's lives.

Learning Outcomes

After successful completion of this minor students are expected to be able to:

  • situate, explain and compare different disciplinary approaches to conservation tourism practices;
  • describe and evaluate how governance and policy processes influence the arrangement of actors, interests and ideas in conservation tourism;
  • apply this knowledge in selected case studies around the world.

Target group

This minor is interesting for WU-students of the BSc programmes:

  • BBN Forest and Nature Conservation
  • BMW Environmental Science
  • BLP Landscape Architecture and Planning
  • BBC Management and Consumer Studies
  • BEB Economics and Governance.

Also for other BSc students in cultural anthropology and development sociology, environmental science and human geography.

Assumed knowledge

A basic course in Sociology and/or Policy. Others should consult the minor coordinator.




Second semester (period 4, 5 and 6)

Programme or thematic

Thematic minor