BSc minor Education (WUEDU)

The primary purpose of this minor is to smoothen the path towards the teaching profession in the Netherlands. If students from BSc programs which are linked to biology, geography, chemistry, physics or economy- successfully complete the Minor Education, they are allowed to teach as a starting professional in secondary education (havo/vwo 1+2+3 and mavo).

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When students choose to enrol in a first degree teaching education programme in their master this will reduce their study load. In addition, with the Minor Education students can gain experience in teaching in secondary vocational education and training (mbo). This is specifically interesting for students from BSc programs which are not directly linked to the disciplines described above and who prefer to work in practice oriented education. 

Many graduates from Wageningen University & Research are working in teaching, training or extension related positions, nationally and internationally. Teaching is an interesting and rewarding profession, for it enables students to apply the subject matter of their study programme and to prepare pupils and students for higher education and society.

The minor is offered twice a year. Because the courses are linked to each other, the courses are to be followed in the prescribed order.

Students are expected to contact dr. P.R. Runhaar (, about 6 months before the actual start of the minor, so that the internship can be organized together.

Learning Outcomes

After successful completion of this minor students are expected to be able to:

  • effectively communicate with pupils and to handle group dynamics in the classroom (interpersonal);
  • implement knowledge on social, emotional and moral development of teenagers in the classroom and thereby create a safe learning environment (pedagogical);
  • implement subject specific teaching strategies to create a powerful learning environment for groups and individuals (pedagogical content knowledge);
  • organize a learning environment that is well-structured, clear and task-oriented (planning);
  • communicate and cooperate with other teachers in the school as well as with education managers and thus contribute to a good working and learning environment (cooperation with colleagues);
  • share relevant information with parents/guardians and social workers to ensure the well-being of the pupils (school environment);
  • explicitly and critically reflect upon their teaching-related views and competencies and to develop them further on the basis of theoretical insights and empirical data (reflection and personal /professional development).

Target group

This minor is interesting for all WUR BSc students who wish to orientate on or work towards a teaching profession in Biology, Chemistry, Economics, Geography, Mathematics, Physics or Sociology. For students of:

  • BBI Biology
  • BBW Soil, Water, Atmosphere
  • BDW Animal Sciences (please contact the studyadvisor for the special programme)
  • BPW Plant Sciences (please contact the studyadvisor for the special programme)
  • BLP Landscape Architecture and Planning
  • BIL International Land and Water Management
  • BML Molecular Life Sciences
  • BEB Economics and Governance

There is a possibility to get a second degree teaching license ('tweedegraads bevoegdheid') in Biology, Chemistry, Economics, Geography or Physics. Students from other BSc programmes have discipline-specific deficiencies so they can’t get a second degree teaching license. The minor is quite demanding, both in terms of workload as in terms of the investment in personal and professional development. Students who are still doubting about whether or not they really want to professionalize themselves as a teacher, may consider to follow the orientation program.




First (period 1, 2 and 3) and Second semester (period 4, 5 and 6).

Programme or thematic

Thematic programme