Be a student for a day - Bachelor's

Would you like to know more about a particular bachelor’s programme? Wageningen University & Research offers the possibility to be a student for a day. Experience what it is like to study at Wageningen!

Group programme

Together with other prospective students, you follow lectures and practicals which shows you the details of your favorite study programme. You will learn more about the different courses, experiences of students about the programme and studying in general. You get to know everything about student life, the most remarkable spots, information about housing or typical Dutch habits.

Curious about what it is like to study at Wageningen? Be a student for a day and get to know this versatile city. Below you will find an overview of the upcoming group programmes for the bachelor's programmes. Are you missing a bachelor's programme in the overview? In that case, there is no new date available for this specific bachelor's programme.

During the time period between 10 December 2018 and 7 January 2019 the information on the website about the availability of student for a day activities might be outdated. Check the form to see which days are available at the moment.

Overview of upcoming group programmes

    Looking for the group programme of other bachelor's programmes? You can find these on the Dutch Student for a day page, as these activities will be organised in Dutch.

    Individual programme

    Do you prefer to follow an individual programme? Wageningen University & Research also offers the possibility to join a student of the programme of your interest, during a regular study day. When you have registered, the student contacts you to set a date. Together you follow lectures and practices.

    The special thing about the individual programme, is that you experience a full day of the student. You can really see what his or her daily life looks like. It's also possible to have dinner together or even having a sleepover. A perfect opportunity to experience the study and Wageningen University & Research in general.

    As a result of the upcoming exam weeks and Christmas holidays it is not possible to walk along with a student. However, it is still possible to fill out the form, and a student will contact you after 7 January 2019.