Future career - Food Technology

There are no or very limited job opportunities for graduates of the BSc programme in the Netherlands and surrounding countries. Thus nearly all graduates of the BSc Food Technology proceed their education with an MSc in Food Technology, Food Safety or Food Quality Management. Graduates from these programmes currently find jobs quite easily all over the world, especially in the Netherlands and Western Europe.

Job Market

The Dutch job market is currently still in good shape, and most students find work upon graduating or soon thereafter. Only graduates with specific needs (e.g. who limit themselves to a certain region or industry) have more trouble finding their first job.

The average salary for food technologists is slightly higher than that of the average Dutch university graduate and is the highest of all Wageningen graduates. The private sector (industry) usually pays more than the public sector (government or education).

Recent MSc graduates found positions worldwide, from small- and medium-sized companies to large multinationals, at universities as PhD students, and at research institutes. Graduates also work in the field of process technology at innovation centers, innovative food companies or government agencies.