First year of the bachelor International Land and Water Management

Below you’ll find a list of courses in the first year. Please, click on the course to find information in more detail.

Course code Course Period
WRM-12803 Orientation on International Land and Water Management 1 AM
YWU-10803 Introduction Environmental Sciences 1 PM
SLM-11303 Exploring Professional Practices 1 PM
AEP-10303 Introduction Economics 2 MO
HWM-10303 Water 1 2 AF
CPT-15303 Science, Technology and Society 2 MO
SGL-12803 Introduction to Soil Geography 1 2 AF
MAT-14903 Mathematics 2 3 MO
MAT-15003 Mathematics 3 3 AF
AEW-23803 Water 2 4 MO
SOC-22803 Principles of Soil Processes 4 AF
CPT-11806 Technology, development and natural resources 5 MO
HWM-21806 Hydraulics and Hydrometry 5 AF
CSA-10306 Cropping systems & knowledge of crops 6 WD
SLM-10806 Design Land & Water Management 1 6 WD

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