Student testimonial

I have always been interested in the weather.

Maarten Stam is a first-year student studying Soil, Water and Atmosphere at Wageningen University. "I've always been interested in the weather, so I decided to go to a number of open days to see if there was a study programme in which you could gain further knowledge on weather phenomena. The bachelor Soil, Water and Atmosphere study appealed to me immediately!"

Soil & Water 1 and Soil & Water 2 are my favorite subjects right now.

Study programme

"I think this bachelor programme is great! Although, the programme involves more mathematics, physics and chemistry than expected, I like the study material and I appreciate the beta-foundation this bachelor gives you. Furthermore I don’t mind the mathematics, physics and chemistry as they are more focused on the domains of the bachelor. For instance, I'm currently taking the courses "Soil 2 and Water 2". In these courses, you learn about the processes that take place in the soil and water and also the interaction between those domains which comes forward through for example groundwater. To understand such processes mathematics, physics and chemistry is used, it is then that you notice that the introductory courses are of importance. Some of the courses dealt with land evaluation in which you learn to assess the soil for predetermined purposes. For example, how well a certain piece of land is suitable for creating a nature reserve. You then, among others, have to take into account the strength of the soil, the presence of groundwater and the raw materials present. I really enjoy these subjects and I find it particularly interesting because it is quite practical."

Student life

"I am a member of the study association of Soil, Water and Atmosphere named Pyrus. The past few months I have become quite an active member as I joined two committees, the AkCie and the OuderdagCie. The AkCie organises an activity once or twice a semester. This can vary from a ghost tour to a beer cantus. The Parents' Day Committee organises a day for parents where they can hear, see and experience what we, students, do on a daily basis. Next to that I am a member of Argo, Wageningen's student rowing association."

Future plans

"When I graduate, I'd probably like to do something practical, such as rural planning or consultancy for construction companies. Both require quite a lot of fieldwork, so I'll still be outside a lot!"

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