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Hey game changer! Are you green-minded and do you want to improve the quality of life? Then we are looking for you!

Probably you’re now busy with finishing your high school and orientating for your next step afterwards. But, what will it be? Something with the environment, climate change, sustainability, food, animals or pollution? Discover what your passion is and change the world!

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Our future is now!

Our world is changing radically. The world’s population is growing while the population of the western world is aging. The pressure on land use is increasing, thus giving less environmentally damaging forms of food-producing more chance. The climate is changing and fossil fuels become scarcer, which offers the possibility of utilising profitable sustainable alternatives. And there is a growing need for healthy, versatile, adequate and safe food.

Are you fascinated by environmental sciences, animal sciences or food sciences and do you want to contribute to a better quality of life? Like reducing pollution, find out how you can create the best possible environment for animals, develop new and innovative products for the food industry or form an academic opinion about sustainable tourism.

How can you touch the world?

Wageningen University & Research is one of the leading and highly ranked international universities in agriculture, forestry, environment, ecology, social sciences and food sciences. The scientific quality of Wageningen University & Research is affirmed by the prominent position we occupy in international rankings and citation indexes.

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