Turn your passion into your work

Hey animal lover, are you curious about how animals can adapt to their environment, and how we can create the best possible environment for them? Answering these questions demands a fundamental understanding of the biology of domestic and captive animals, as well as knowledge about animal management and care in our society. Are you ready to answer these questions? Let's go!

Make the difference with a BSc in Animal Sciences

The bachelor's programme Animal Sciences stimulates you to study and explore the biological functioning of animals in our society – animals that we care for and keep for food, as pets, for the preservation of nature or for educational and recreational purposes.

Study Animal Sciences in Wageningen

What are the unique programme aspects?

  • Animal Sciences focusses on the development of sustainable and responsible ways to care for animals.
  • Internationally oriented programme which stimulates you to expand your horizon abroad.
  • Perfect basis for a broad employment perspective in industry, research institutions, public sector or non-profit organisations.

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    With students from over 95 different countries there is also a large international community in Wageningen. The 70.000m2 campus offers excellent student facilities and is a place where students, teachers, researchers and staff from all over the wold come together and exchange ideas.

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    Wageningen is a nice city with many possibilities to have a great time. Theatres, cinemas, student clubs, bars, night life and restaurants create the elegance of a city, in a beautiful rural setting. The nearby floodplains of the river Rhine and national park ‘de Veluwe’ are ideal for those who enjoy nature or like hiking, running or cycling.