Are you building the future?

Are you triggered by designing innovative solutions for dams, irrigation systems or other land and water solutions? Great! Drought, erosion, floods and poor land and water management constitute major threats to food production in large parts of the world. Are you ready to make the difference?

BSc in International Land and Water Management

In the bachelor's programme International Land and Water Management students combine knowledge of engineering, environmental and social sciences, study the roles of various stakeholders involved and design land and water management improvement plans. The consequences of interventions such as dams, terracing or irrigation systems on relevant stakeholders are examined in regions spanning the entire globe: from Thailand to Ethiopia and from Peru to the Netherlands.


What are the unique programme aspects?

  • Technical and social: Students learn about the engineering, socio-economic, natural scientific and administrative aspects of land and water management, making our graduates well-rounded and versatile professionals.
  • International: Look at regions all over the world that struggle with land and water management problems – tropical areas suffering from floods and erosion, or southern Europe and sub-tropical regions in need of irrigation and drinking water facilities. The Netherlands, too, has its current share of issues related to flooding, water shortages and land and soil restoration.

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    With students from over 95 different countries there is also a large international community in Wageningen. The 70.000m2 campus offers excellent student facilities and is a place where students, teachers, researchers and staff from all over the wold come together and exchange ideas.

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    Wageningen is a nice city with many possibilities to have a great time. Theatres, cinemas, student clubs, bars, night life and restaurants create the elegance of a city, in a beautiful rural setting. The nearby floodplains of the river Rhine and national park ‘de Veluwe’ are ideal for those who enjoy nature or like hiking, running or cycling.