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Hey earth lover, hurry up! Our world is changing radically. Humans have drastically changed landscapes and the functioning of the biosphere.

BSc in Soil, Water, Atmosphere

Hydrology? Meteorology? Geography? Or soil science? In the bachelor's programme Soil, Water, Atmosphere you learn everything about these knowledge domains. Would you like to work on solutions to environmental issues from a natural science perspective? Then join the bachelor's programme Soil, Water, Atmosphere in Wageningen!


The bachelor's programme Soil, Water, Atmosphere focuses on knowledge of the processes in the soil, water, and atmosphere. The environmental aspects primarily appear in landscape formation, flow processes, and the transport of dissolved substances and are studied using a science-based approach. You will work on calculating and modelling environmental problems. However, social elements, such as environmental policy and management, are not addressed in the Soil, Water, and Atmosphere degree programme.

What are the unique programme aspects?

  • Hydrology, meteorology and soil science brought together in one bachelor's programme
  • Working to solve environmental problems using insights from physics, mathematics, chemistry and biology.
  • Focus on issues such as climate change, flooding, drought and erosion from a natural science perspective.

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