Case Food waste (new)

As the world population grows, it becomes more difficult to feed all mouths. By 2050, the world's population is expected to increase by three billion. In total we are with ten billion people around the world. In a world where climate is changing, resources are becoming scarce and the amount of agricultural land cannot be expanded much further. Resources and available food must be handled more carefully.

Different phases of the research

The Junior Consultancy Training starts with a start day at the Wageningen University. Here the students are introduces to all aspects that they work with in their own research. The starting day consists of:

  • A lecture on food waste and shelf life dates;
  • A quiz about food waste and best before dates;
  • A lecture on consumer behavior;
  • A technical tour through Phenomea, where research is being done into the quality and shelf life of fresh products and the possibilities for deploying robots within the agri-food sector.

Go on a virtual tour through Phenomea

During the ten following weeks, the students work in groups on:

  • Social research into consumer behavior;
  • Technical research into shelf best before dates.

During the final day, the students present their solutions for food waste in the presence of a jury, focusing on best before dates.


    Motivated pupils of 14-18 years old who are up for a challenge, will work in a multidisciplinary team on an assignment formulated by an expert from Wageningen University & Research. Each team will function as consultancies, hence the project name Junior Consultancy Training. At the end of the process, students present their final product to the experts.

    The challenge is to find a solution for food waste, from a technical and social perspective. The students will actively work in groups on this for about eight weeks.


    The costs for a class of 20 students are €400. We charge €17.50 extra for each additional pupil.

    Test schools participate for free.

    Test schools wanted

    This track starts with a special day for test schools at October 9, 2019 at the Open Air Museum (Openluchtmuseum) in Arnhem. More information about this inspiring event will follow soon. We are still looking for test schools. Interested? Please contact us via the contact form on this web page.