One World Week 2019

Call for proposals One World Week 2020

Just as in previous years, we will celebrate diversity in Wageningen during the One World Week! A week full of eye-opening events. Our university and city are culturally diverse and home to many different types of individuals. During the One World Week, we will put a spotlight on all individuals within that broad range of diversity. We aim to create understanding between people of different cultural backgrounds, sexual orientation, religions, gender identities and (dis)abilities.

Learning about and from each other is what the One World Week is all about. We need your support to make this happen! Share your culture with us, or your story on what it is like to be part of the LGBT community, or on how you are experiencing life with your (dis)abilities in Wageningen.

The coming edition of the One World Week will take place from Wednesday 25 March to Saturday 28 March 2020. All events are open to students and staff from Wageningen University and all citizens of Wageningen. Moreover, organising an event is open to all these people as well! Are you already enthusiastic to organise an event yourself? Submit your proposal by useing the form below!

The deadline for application is Friday 13 December 2019! The activity must meet the following criteria and will be evaluated by the coordinating team of students and staff:

  • Contributes to celebrating diversity
  • Contributes to appreciation of diversity
  • Is open to everyone
  • Furthermore, your proposal must provide a clear motivation as to why the activity should be part of the One World Week.

When organising an event you are encouraged (but not required) to: create an event with sufficient perspective so that it can be repeated during the year/the next One World Week and/or create an event with other organising parties.

We look forward to receiving your proposals, and to welcome you during the One World Week 2020!

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