About the One World Week

On a structural basis, Wageningen University & Research organizes a number of activities that are supportive to the policy regarding internationalisation at Wageningen University & Research. To empower the activities we have clustered some of them, on a yearly basis, in one time frame named the One World Week.

The One World Week is a tool for developing understanding and appreciation of differences (I), to support the development and implementation of new learning activities, where more mutual understanding is the goal (II). The One World Week is also a momentum where we explicitly celebrate diversity and the international culture at Wageningen University & Research (III).

The One World Week creates the opportunity for initiatives with regard to intercultural learning. Wageningen University & Research feels responsible for creating a work and learning environment where students and employees from all over the world experience a culture of inclusion, and feel welcome. Wageningen University & Research regards cultural diversity as a potential, a powerful instrument to establish intercultural learning, to develop (and stimulate the development of) skills for effective and positive interaction with people and organisations around the world.

We want to challenge students and employees more explicitly to think about different perspectives. Offering training, student and employee development, can help in sharing knowledge, sharing our values, stimulating interactions and boosting cooperation. Values are different in different settings. We would like to zoom into the question of how to better understand the differences and how to celebrate these differences, since around the world there are multitudes of ways in which people are shaping their lives.