Education Experience

Wageningen University & Research wants to improve the information and services for and the communication with students and teachers. We are trying to centralize 'our customer' the student and teacher and listen to our students and teachers. To realise this, we use student and teacher journeys to listen to students' and teachers' needs. The outcome of this should be a list of improvements where the university should focus on.

In the summer of 2018 the Education Experience team started on behalf of the Education & Student Affairs department with the mapping of wishes and needs of students. Since December 2019 we started with mapping the wishes and needs of teachers as well.

During the sessions students and employees will map a specific journey with use of a persona. These persona all represent a part of our target group. From the perspective and needs of each persona a journey will be developed.

We are currently working on the journeys:

In the past few months we finished the results concerning the following subjects:

The sessions are developed using the customer journey method. This method is used quite often in the professional environment. We made some adjustments to the method, to serve our students, who are complexer than normal clients. Besides the customer journey method, we used the methods of Stanford for our Design Thinking sessions.