Education Experience session

Education Experience

Wageningen University & Research wants to improve the information and services for and the communication with students and teachers. Education Experience tries to centralize 'our customer', the students, teachers alumni and staff, by listening to their needs. The input will be analysed and the outcomes of this will be an advice for the university on how to improve the education as a whole.

Most Education Experience sessions will be held offline, where you will be served free lunch. You can sign up by clicking on the orange button below.

The Education Experience team, part of the department Education & Student Affairs, maps the wishes and needs of students and teachers. To do that, we make use of various methods:

During the sessions students and employees will map a specific journey with use of a persona. These persona all represent a part of our target group. From the perspective and needs of each persona a journey will be developed.

We are currently working on the following topics:

Future Assessment at WUR

One of the main goals of Wageningen University & Research is to make sure that students receive high quality education, to become valued graduates. Regular assessment in your study programme, via e.g. exams and graded assignments, is part of this. Therefore, an assessment policy is used throughout the university. This policy is updated once every few years. Currently a project group is creating new ideas for assessment in the coming years. This is your chance to help! We would like to know more about your experiences with the current forms of assessment and your ideas on how to assess. Think about inspiring ways how assessment can improve your way of learning. What kind of assessment would suit you best to get the most out of your study programme at WUR?

Are you enthusiastic to create new ideas based on your experiences and help WUR to create its future assessment policy? Please join one of the two sessions, held on May 17th and 23th from 12:00 till 14:00 hrs. During the session you can individually give input and you will be grouped with other students to share your experiences and create new ideas. A vegetarian lunch will be provided by us. Please register via the form on our website or the orange button above!

Easily discover and enroll in courses at TU/e, WUR or UU (EduXchange)

A few months ago, the new platform EduXchange ( was launched. This platform makes it easy for you as a student to enroll in courses at other Dutch universities. Perhaps you already make use of this platform, or perhaps you don’t, but do have an interest in following courses elsewhere. If so, we are looking for your opinion! In this Education Experience session, you will make use of the Journey Mapping method and prototyping to help further optimise this platform. Students from WUR, UU and TU/e are invited. Experience with EduXchange is not required.
- June 14, 12.00-14.00: on campus, including free lunch.
- June 16, 12.00-14.00: online with Teams and Miro.
Interested? Please sign up via our website, or the orange button above!