Student Experience for students & alumni

Are you a WUR student or alumnus who likes to share his/her opinion and do you like to contribute to improving our university? Then join our feedback sessions and make a change!

During the sessions, students have the opportunity to identify issues they encounter during their studies at WUR and possible solutions. With their input, we are able to formulate concrete improvements for WUR by clarifying the needs and wishes of its students.

So are you a WUR student or alumnus that wants to improve the education experience? Apply below!

Via the form below you can indicate in which sessions you would like to participate. Most of our sessions are held on campus during lunch breaks, with vegetarian lunches offered by us. Once you have subscribed for a session, you will receive an e-mail with more information, including a link to join the planned Microsoft Teams meeting, in the case of an online session. During a(n) (online) session you work together in small groups to share your needs, experiences and discuss possible solutions with each other.

We also offer these sessions for WUR employees and teacher, so if you are reading this as a teacher or employee, please go to this page to learn more.

What is in it for you?

  • The possibility to identify issues you encounter during your studies and adress possible solutions together with other participants. Together we can improve WUR!
  • Vegetarian lunches, for on-campus sessions;
  • If you join two sessions you will receive a Student Experience notebook;
  • If you join six sessions you will receive a WURsweater for free. Do not forget to sign up for our newsletter (right side of the page) to receive the outcomes of the session(s) you have joined.

    Participate in the sessions and win these two things

Most sessions take place on-campus, but some may take place online, depending on the session and the COVID-19 situation.

Subscribe via the form below and make your impact to improve WUR. After your subscription, the Education Experience Team will provide you with more information about the session.


Please fill in your private email so we can reach you when you are an Alumni