Wageningen offers a variety of shops.

You will find the largest concentration of shops in the Hoogstraat, but there are plenty of other places in town where you can do your shopping too.

Shopping systems

Many shops have a self-service system. This means that you choose the article you wish to buy and take it to the cashier to pay. Many of these shops have shopping baskets in which you put the articles to take them to the cashier.

Other shops have a semi self-service system: for example in a clothes shop you choose the article and then ask the shop assistant to show you a cubicle for fitting. If the article is to your satisfaction, you take it to the cashier to pay.

Shopping customs

Some stores have an electronic protector. An electronic protector is attached to many articles, which is removed at the cashier. The device is activated when leaving the shop without payment.


It is furthermore essential that you keep the receipt. The receipt is required as proof of payment, you will need it if you want to return the article to the shop e.g. if it is faulty or does not fit.


Discounts and special price offers are shown by signs on the windows or on the articles as: special offer = "aanbieding", cheap = "goedkoop", two for the price of one = "2 halen 1 betalen" and sale = "uitverkoop" are words to look for. You’ll see these in supermarkets and other shops.

Second hand

  • Emmaus is one of the second hand shops in Wageningen. Emmaus is open on Wednesday morning and Saturday afternoon.
  • The Facebook group Wageningen Student Plaza can be useful if you want to buy or sell things. 
  • The two most popular websites in the Netherlands for buying and selling second hand things are Marktplaats and Tweedehands. These sites are only available in Dutch.