Find your General Practitioner

In the Netherlands, a general practitioner, or 'huisarts' , is the first person to go to with medical problems. Even if you want to go to the hospital or if you want to contact a specialist, you have to call your general practitioner first.

Choice of general practitioner

The choice of a general practitioner is a personal matter and is therefore seen as a free, individual choice in Dutch law. This means that everyone can ask for a registration at any general practitioner in the municipality of Wageningen. After making a choice, you can request registration at the chosen doctor’s practice. The general practitioners also have a choice: they can point out that there is no room for new clients at their practice. So, in a sense freedom of choice has two sides.

List of all general practitioners in Wageningen

Student Medical Center Wageningen

Students who are enrolled at the WUR and who are resident of Wageningen or Bennekom can register with the practice. You only have to register when you need medical care. The general practitioners: S. van Dinther, S. Custers, A. van Deursen, J. Bouwma, R. van Stralendorff and F. Fontein are experienced in typical student related problems. You are free to choose a general practitioner in Wageningen or Bennekom. Doctor Van Dinther and Doctor Custers are female doctors. Ask for one of them if you prefer a female doctor. 

After registration you can make an appointment online (webagenda) or by phone. Call: 0317 466600 between 8.00–10.00 or 11.00–12.30 hrs or 14.00-16.30.

Address: Student Medical Center, Nexus Gebouw 117, Akkermaalsbos 14, 6708 WB Wageningen. Website:

Appointments for patients are normally scheduled for 10 minutes. The assistant will ask you the reason for consultation. This is necessary in order to determine the urgency. It is also possible that the assistant will give you a medical advice without booking an appointment. Indicate if you may need more time to explain your medical condition or if you want to discuss other health concerns.

If you need to cancel an appointment, you are kindly requested to give 24 hours notice before the appointment otherwise you can be charged for the appointment. 

If you are not able to visit the GP because of a medical reason then you can ask for a home visit by telephone between 08.00 – 10.00 hrs and 11.00 – 12.30 hrs.

GP Ede

For the students and staff members living in Ede, practice Muthu is available. Contact information: Huisartsenpraktijk Muthu, Eikenlaan 13-10. Website: