Termination of Enrolment

Enrolment as a student (or extraneus) ends on the last day of the academic year, August 31, if the enrolment has not been ended prematurely.

Termination of enrolment at your own request

Wageningen University terminates the enrolment during the academic year after a request from the student has been received. The enrolment will be terminated as of the first day of the month following the month in which the Student Service Centre has received the request.The request for terminating the enrolment must be submitted to the Student Service Centre via Studielink. You will receive an e-mail from Studielink confirming that your request has been submitted.

Please note: it’s not possible to terminate retroactively. In case of graduation, please submit the request for terminating the enrolment well in time and no later than the day you receive your last grade. Please always mention the reason for termination.

Following termination of the enrolment, refund of tuition fees is possible. The student will be informed about this by SSC.

Termination of Enrolment by Wageningen University

Wageningen University can also terminate the enrolment of a student during the academic year in the following cases:

1. if it appears (after enrolment) that the registrant, at the time of enrolment did not satisfy one or more of the enrolment conditions of enrolment in article 1.2. The enrolment will be terminated immediately.

2. if the registrant, even after being warned by the University, does not satisfy the obligation of payment of (instalments of) tuition fees (see article 7.42, section 2*)

3. if the registrant is guilty of serious fraud related to his study programme (article 7.12b*)

4. if the registrant, who violates the rules and regulation as set by the Executive Board with regard to the use of buildings and premises of Wageningen UR, causes serious inconveniences and continues to do so even after being warned by the Executive Board (article 7.57h*).

Note: Your WUR account* will be active after your deregistration from Wageningen University for 14 days. Make sure you backup all your files and email before your account will be suspended.

* If you have any questions about your WUR account, contact IT Servicedesk. Email: servicedesk.ict@wur.nl, or telephone (0317-4)88888.