ICT related questions

As a student at the university, you have access to various ICT products and services.

You can contact the IT Service Desk (servicedesk.it@wur.nl or 0317-4 88888) for any questions, comments or concerns you may have.

What kind of support can Servicedesk IT provide?

The Servicedesk IT provides:

• full support for all standard PC’s of Wageningen University & Research;

• no support regarding the content of software provided by Wageningen University & Research, but the IT staff will do their utmost to help you if possible;

• no support for private hardware or software that is not provided by Wageningen University & Research.

The Wageningen University & Research website contains information and manuals on how to access the WUR network from your laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Visit the site for more information about accessing the internet, syncing your Wageningen UR email account or printing.

Can’t find what you’re looking for or need help regarding IT Services? Go to the IT Service Point on the ground floor of the Forum Building (near the reception).

The Service Point can solve your queries and problems related to accessing the WUR network from your laptop, tablet or smartphone.

The IT Service Point is open during standard office hours. These opening hours are subject to change during holidays and exam weeks. For more information, check the information screens in the education buildings.