MSc thesis, MSc internship and MSc research practice

The MSc thesis and the MSc internship are part of all Master programmes of Wageningen University. In some programmes you can replace the MSc internship by the MSc research practice or another internship replacing assignment.

Course guide

You can find all information about MSc thesis, MSc internship and MSc research practice in the course guides. The course guides consist of a general part (containing general information for WU) and chair group specific regulations. You may download the general part of the course guides here:

Learning agreement and contract

Before starting an thesis, internship or research practice, you and your supervisor need to complete a learning agreement. For the internship a separate contract with the host organisation is required as well (see the course guide below for further instructions).

You may download the learning agreement form and default internship contract here.


The chair groups of Wageningen University use a general rubric for the evaluation of your MSc thesis, MSc internship and MSc research practice. The rubric contains the assessment criteria and a general guidelines for the grading of your results. You may download the rubrics here:

For further questions please ask your study adviser.