Human rights Virtual Reality experience

Forum, 12:30-13:30 - Amnesty Student Group Understanding, learning, respecting, helping and showing empathy, are one of the many cruciality’s in our current diverse society. With this year’s One World Week, Amnesty Student Group wants to put the spotlight on the still ongoing flow of refugees from Syria. More and more refugees are taking a leap into Europe, bringing new cultures, norms and morals, hopes and dreams. While many European countries deal with internal policy tensions, misinformation and prejudice among its populations seem to successfully spread indifference, fear, and hatred. People quickly turn into numbers when the discourse becomes one of ‘us’ versus ‘they’. To break this stigma and create more awareness, acceptance and empathy, Amnesty Student Group will display the short documentary Refugee through the experience of Virtual Reality. The video Refugee won the Award for ‘Best Experimental Film’ during the Independent European Film Festival of 2016. Through Virtual Reality, the viewer will experience for a brief moment the horrendous experiences young children, adults and elderly have/had to go through. But what happens when you take the glasses off? The video has ended, yes – but what has happened to the people in these real images and videos? How does the future of the young children on the boats look now? With this activity we are trying to open a real conversation that people commonly try to avoid. What kind of impact does the video have on you? Did it changed your view? What kind of opportunities do you have compared to a refugee of your age? How come in a world full of cultural and religious diversity and acceptance, that these human rights violations, rejections and prejudice by societies (and even world leaders) still happen? How can refugees overcome these life deciding obstacles? Join us the 26 of March in this Virtual Reality experience and opening a discussion to these important questions!