Improvisation theatre

24 March | 14:30-15:45 | This workshop is about putting yourself in someone else’s position and responding to unexpected turns of events – which is at the core of Improv theatre.

The workshop with start with ice breaker games from Improv Theatre, to bring focus, joy, group cohesion, release tension and create a safe space. Life is full of welcome (and less welcome) surprises, hence we will use an exercise to practice feeling comfortable with the unexpected. After that you will have the opportunity to rehearse a difficult conversation through roleplay, perhaps with someone who you consider ‘different’, enacted by another workshop participant. Or you can choose to practice with a fictional scenario on cultural differences. Finally, we will reflect on our learnings and how to apply these in the One World of our (student) lives.

No former theater experience is required. All exercises are suitable for complete beginners.

Organised by Sanne Bakker

Wed 24 March 2021 14:30 to 15:45



Link to sign in. (Max. 12 participants).

REGISTRATION WILL CLOSE AT 13:30. You will receive the link at 13:30.