Programme Change WU MSc-WU MSc or 2nd WU Master Enrolment

Are you currently enrolled in a master’s programme at Wageningen University & Research and you want to change to another master’s programme or want to enrol in a 2nd master programme, please read the instructions below.

Programme change or 2nd Master Enrolment


To change from one MSc programme to another or enrol for a 2nd MSc programme you should meet the admission criteria for the master’s programme you wish to enrol in. Therefore you need permission to enrol in the programme as per the requested start date.

To arrange this please:

1. Complete the form and send it to the programme director of the master you want to enrol in.

2. Please add the following documents:

- a transcript of records and copy of your bachelor’s degree

- the marks of your master’s obtained so far

- a statement of purpose to explain why you want to enrol in this programme.

Only if you are direct admissible to the master’s programme based on your WUR bachelor, you don’t need to add any of the above mentioned documents.

3. Ask the programme director to send the form directly to


If SSC receives the signed form from your programme director, we will enrol you in the new master’s programme.

· If you have indicated on the form that you want to switch to another Master, SSC will end your enrolment in the current programme.

· If you have indicated on the form that you want to add another Master, SSC will enrol you in the new programme.

For students who pay the institutional fees: if the fees for the new programme are different, we will contact you about the difference. (e.g. in case of enrolment in Water technology)