Residence permit holder returning home

After graduation/stopping your study your situation will change and you will have to arrange a lot of things. To help you get started, we have made a 'to do' list.

It is very important to arrange the following matters:

1. Give notice to your accommodation provider Idealis

2. Close your Dutch bank account (when leaving the Netherlands)

3. Inform the Municipality that you will be leaving the Netherlands or moving to another address in the Netherlands

4. Terminate your enrolment as a student via studielink. This should be done before graduation. Please state in studielink that the reason for termination of enrolment is ‘graduation’. The SSC will then only terminate your enrolment when you actually graduate

5. Arrange legalization of your degree (will be arranged by SSC if applicable)

6. Become an Alumnus of Wageningen University through

7. Cancel your Rent Subsidy and your so called “zorgtoeslag” (if applicable)

8. In some cases a statement of non-criminal behavior is needed in order to apply for a job. This statement can be obtained at the Municipality

9. Arrange legal residence in the Netherlands (if applicable)

Legal Residence in the Netherlands

An important thing to know is that, at the moment you graduate or stop your study, Wageningen University is legally obliged to inform the Immigration Authorities (IND) that you have graduated/stopped your study.

We advise you to leave the Netherlands before the expiry date of your residence permit.

The IND will inform you by regular mail (post) at the address that is registered at the municipality. It is therefore very important to always inform the authorities of any changes in your address.

Your residence permit is property of the Dutch government. Therefore students, who have graduated or stopped their study need return their residence permit to the IND. Please send it to the IND after your arrival in your home country.

Send your residence permit to the following address: IND, T.a.v. Klantdirectie Regulier Economisch, Postbus 5, 9560 AA Ter Apel, The Netherlands.

Before you return your residence document, please be advised to make a copy of both the front as well as the back of the card for possible future reference.  

Health Insurance

Please note: If you stay in the Netherlands after graduation you will have to change your health insurance. It is not possible to use the AON (student) insurance you received through Wageningen University & Research.

You can take out health insurance directly at AON, Lippmann or any other insurance company. Carefully check the coverage of the insurance. We strongly advise you to have a legal liability insurance and an insurance which covers repatriation in case of serious illness or death.