Residence permit return entry visa

A return entry visa enables a student to return to The Netherlands when he/she has not yet received the (extended) residence permit. The costs are €150.

There are restrictions:

- You are only able to apply for a return visa when your first residence permit application has been approved or when your application for an extension is registered;

- You need to apply for the return entry visa before you depart from The Netherlands.

Making an appointment with the IND (Immigration Office)

Contact the appointment desk of the IND (Tel: 088 - 0430430) and tell the receptionist that you want to arrange a return entry visa and wish to have the appointment at the nearest IND office.

When you call the IND, have the following documents ready:

- Passport

- Schedule/Calendar and pen

- Old or cuurent residence permit (if applicable)

The receptionist will ask you for your V number, which is on the back of your old residence permit or on the approval letter. Once an appointment is made you will be given a special code to enter the IND building.

Validity period:

The return visa is valid for a maximum of three months. In case of study this can be extended up to 6 months. Before the IND issues a return visa for 6 months, they need to have a letter from the study advisor that you need to go abroad in relation to your study and for which period this will be.

The return visa is a national visa; it is not a Schengen visa. Therefore, it is not possible to stay in another Schengen member state other than for transit purposes. If a return visa has been granted and you wish to travel to and stay in another Schengen country, you will have to inquire with the authorities of that country as to whether you will need a visa.