Social Safety for Students

We want you – WUR students – to be assured of a positive and safe environment for your studies. We are, however, aware that undesirable behaviour or unsafe situations may occur within our WUR community.

On this page you will find information on who to contact for advice, support, or to report incidents. Depending on the circumstances, you might first want to discuss the situation with someone you trust; a friend or relative, for instance, or your study adviser.

Do not hesitate to contact the professionals listed below – even when, or especially when in doubt. They are here to help you! Anything you report will be treated in the strictest confidence.

Undesirable Behaviour


Confidential Counsellor (Students)

  • You experienced undesirable behaviour from a fellow student or WUR employee.
  • need advice, support, or want to submit a formal complaint.

Confidential counsellors
Anke van Oostveen & Klaartje Thierry advise and guide you in looking for a way to stop unwanted behavior or prevent the situation from getting worse.

Confidential Contact Persons (CCP)

The CCP is your first point when you are dealing with transgressive behaviour at your association.

Structural Problems & Injustices



  • You want to address structural problems or injustices affecting a group of people.
  • You are looking for impartial advice, investigation, or mediation.

Ombudsperson Jacqueline Schoone advises on overarching trends in the domain of social safety from an independent and authoritative position.

Scientific Integrity


Confidential Counsellor Scientific Integrity

  • You suspect a possible breach of scientific integrity.
  • You seek advice or want to submit a complaint.

Confidential Counsellors SI - prof. dr. ir. Ellen Kampman and prof. dr. ir. Huub Savelkoul - will attempt to mediate or find another way of solving the matter in an amicable fashion.

Physical & Mental Effects


General Practitioner (GP) & Student Psychologist

  • You have concerns or complaints about your physical or mental health.

Did you know many General Practitioners offer mental support by an Assistant Practitioner for Mental Health Care (GGZ)?

Student Psychologist

  • You need help because a social unsafe situation is affecting your mental health.

The student psychologists* offer free short-term counseling - max 5 sessions - to WUR students.

* Anneke Aikema, Lisette van Baars, Manet Boer, Kevin de Bruin, Roeland Cloin, Irma Janssen, Ineke Leenders en Nereida Ordovas Garcia