Wageningen University & Research has excellent students in the domain of society and well-being, food, feed and bio-based production, natural resources and the living environment. Student Career Services offers the opportunity to meet these talented students, recent graduates and PhD candidates.

In 2020 Wageningen University & Research is ranked as the best university in the Netherlands for the 16th time in a row. The Keuzegids 2020 praised the university's combination of excellent research and education, a combination rarely encountered by the experts.

At the moment most of our Bachelor programs are partially in Dutch and English and all of our Master programs are in English. We have over 100 nationalities on Wageningen Campus.

More information on the study programs can be found at Bachelor's and Master's.

What do we offer?

We offer a platform for students and companies to meet each other. We work in collaboration with our study program teams and study and student associations. Our working language is English in order to be of service for all our students and recent graduates. Ofcourse you can describe or explain that a certain level of Dutch language skills is necessary for your organisation.

At the moment Student Career Services offers:

  • Publishing vacancies and internships: Email your vacancy text to studentcareerservices@wur.nl. and we will promote the vacancy to our students (free of charge) via our popular Facebook page StudentCareerServicesWUR with around 2500 followers and around 300 viewers per post. You can also promote your vacancies and internships yourself on our Career Platform.
  • Access to statistics via Career Platform
  • Company profile on Career Platform: you can boost your Employer Brand, include text, social media links, video etc. to make our students and recent graduates enthusiast to be part of your organisation.
  • Company event promotion on WUR social media and Career Platform
  • Display of promotional materials at the office
  • Premium showcasing on Career Platform
  • Logo on website Student Career Services
  • Participation in the WUR Career Day (twide a year): the first Tuesday of February a small Career Day (midday) and the second Wednesday of October a large Career Day (whole day). The Career Days are meant for all students and study programmes, and the working language is English. Go to the blue Career Day button for more information. The next Career Day is 2 February 2021, we will await further developments due to Covid-19 whether to host this online or live.
  • Talk & Toast Career Event: one or two organisations will give a presentation of 15-20 minutes each and you will have drinks with the students. You can bring your promotional materials. Around 30-60 students, dedicated to your organisation, will participate. It is a nice and informal setting, a good way to get to know these students. The Talk & Toast takes place in the evening from 17:30 to 19:30. We will arrange you a small cold dinner prior to the event, and serve finger food during the event.
  • Continent specific events: starting in 2021 we are going to organise events that are continent specific, as working in Asia, working in Africa, working in Latin-America. We will include the cultural aspects in our opening talk and organisations with open positions in those continents are welcome to promote their organisation and open positions.
  • Advertisements in the Resource, the WUR (online) magazine for students and employees with an edition of 18,000 copies. The magazine is published twice a month in an English and a Dutch vesion. You can opt for this and for a small fee more you can also have an online banner.

For more information and costs see the Partnership Package button.

For any further questions, or in case of specific needs or wishes, please contact us at studentcareerservices@wur.nl.

Study associations

If you like to get in contact with our study associations see the list of study associations here.

Research projects

Do you have projects or research topics that we can integrate in our Master program, in our consultancy course, or as an internship or thesis assignment, please contact our Education and Project Services department.

If you are looking for students to work on a concrete research assignment (paid), please contact Unipartners or StudentenAtelier in Wageningen (Dutch websites).

Hiring international staff

If you want to hire an international graduate there are some practicalities to take care of, more information can be found in this quick guide (in Dutch).

For full service assistance in hiring international staff in the Food Valley region, please contact the Expat Centre Food Valley.