More information about the WUR Career Day 1 February 2022

On Tuesday 1 February 2022 Student Career Services organises the Online Career Day on Wageningen Campus. This event is a great opportunity to introduce and promote your organization to our talented students, graduates and PhD's.

Date 1 February 2022
Time 09.30 - 17.00
Location Online
Costs € 400 excl. VAT
Target group All Wageningen University students, graduates, PhD candidates: around 600-800 persons

Wageningen University & Research has an international focus, with many international students and PhD candidates. Therefore the working language during the online Career Day is English. If applicable you can inform students about a certain need for language skills.

Have a look at our Master study programmes to give you an impression of the students/graduates you are going to meet.

The options for the Online Career Day are (all included in the fee):

  • Online live presentation in English for around 30 minutes with a max extension to 45 minutes
  • Online walk-in chat with students individually, we intend to schedule this for 1 hour after your presentation
  • Online live orientation interviews with students: students can opt for an interview and you can organise the selection and planning yourself preferably the same day
  • CV Talent Bank with CV’s of all the participants in the Online Career Day, and if you have opted for interviews with students, also a specific CV Talent Bank with CV’s of students who are interested in an orientation interview with you.

As a platform we use our online career platform Jobteaser for the programme of the WUR Online Career Day. In this platform are also our students and recent graduates. It is closed system. If you are not on our platform, we will give you access. You can modify all your information yourself, your company profile but also the separate events. We advise you to make use of this option to attract students via your promotional text. You can also choose to give the walk-in another set up, be aware to promote this well in the event itself. Since this is our 4th time we organise the Online Career Day, we have noticed that a walk-in can be either very successful, or not as successful as hoped for. During the presentation you inform the students and during the walk-in students can drop by to ask you questions. It is also an option for students to meet up with multiple employers in one day via presentations and walk-ins.

We have time slots in which multiple employers give presentations and walk-in sessions the same time. We try to mix the employers so that students can meet up with multiple employers in the same sector.

There is no maximum limit of the amount of employers to participate.


Registration for employers to participate is closed. For more information contact

Registration for students/graduates will open soon.

Focus of the Wageningen University Career Day

The aim of our online Career Day is to provide a platform for companies and students to get in touch with each other. As a university with only one faculty of Life Sciences and an excellent reputation, it is an opportunity for your organisation to meet young talent that matches your specific domain.

About Wageningen University & Research

In the academic year 2020/2021 Wageningen University has a total of 13.275 students, which of 2.777 are international students. There are studying 6.936 master's students and 2.183 PhD candidates. The university has 40 master's programmes. The PhD programme at the university is coordinated by six graduate schools.


Wageningen Univesity excels in the domain of society and well-being, food, feed and bio-based production, natural resources and the living environment. Graduates of Wageningen University distinguish themselves through their multidisciplinary approach and their knowledge combined with practice, excellent intercultural communication skills and organisational talent. Our students have a strong international focus. The scientific quality of our university is affirmed by the prominent position we occupy in international rankings.

For any further queries, please contact Astrid van Noordenburg:

📞+31 (0) 6 10947713