Cross Your Borders

Cross Your Borders

Foundation Cross Your Borders is a youth organisation that organizes interactive educational projects about mondial injustice at over 250 high schools in the Netherlands. In addition, they also organize short experience trips to developing countries as Fairaway.

The goal is to make young people aware of injustice in the world and to make them enthusiastic about taking action against those injustices. During our presentation we will tell you more about our projects and trips. In addition, we will introduce you to how we make young people aware of development problems. We show parts of the projects, so that you can see how we can discuss topics such as refugees and child slavery with young people.

If you are enthusiastic about the foundation, then there are also opportunities to get an internship or volunteer work! 

Visit the foundation website for more information about Cross Your Borders

Participation online Career Day

Cross your Borders is giving a presentation. If you are interested, please select during registration. You can also join Cross your Borders for an online walk-in chat.