Dutch Flower Group

Welcome to our dynamic and colourful world of flowers and plants! Dynamic because it is a fast-paced world. Technology plays a major role in supplying our customers and consumers every day. Colourful due to the way in which our companies, together with their supply chain partners, work with the utmost passion and motivation to produce a perfect product.

Dutch Flower Group is a unique family company that specializes in the international trade of flowers and plants. With 30 individual companies, we supply all distribution channels, importing wholesalers (who supply florists) and the large-scale retail sector (including supermarket chains, chain stores, petrol pump stations, construction markets and garden centres).

We will be pleased to give you a virtual tour and you may choose the route yourself. This updated website will tell you all about our colourful world. The Corporate Movie on our website will provide you with a look behind the scenes.

Visit the company website for more information about Dutch Flower Group.