HKV lijn in water

HKV lijn in water

HKV provides expert advice, implements research, develops products and delivers services in the field of water resources management and flood risk. HKV continues to take the initiative in the development and practical implementation of many technically innovating and methodological concepts. Many of those have already found their way into current Dutch risk management practice.

These developments are supported by our own extensive R&D program and collaboration with Dutch universities and European research institutes. Our scope of work covers most aspects of water and safety including:

  • Safety and flood risk analyses for regional and urban water systems;
  • Disaster management and evacuation plans;
  • Research of rivers, estuarine and coastal systems;
  • High-water analyses for regional water systems;
  • Climate change adaptation
  • Flood forecasting, management and control.

HKV’s ambition is to remain the company known for providing high quality consultancy services in the field of water resources management and flood risk in the Netherlands and abroad. We achieve this ambition with qualified and motivated colleagues (beginning 2020 about 75), by continuous learning, and investing time and budget on innovative projects and research.

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