Integrand Wageningen

We are a non-profit national organisation managed by and for students. Our goal is to form a bridge between companies and the academic students. The core business of Integrand is to facilitate interesting internships for students. Besides this we organize events for example In-house days and Career-events. In this way Integrand stimulates and connects ambitions.

Since 1980 Integrand is a well-known organisation by students as well by the companies in The Netherlands. We stimulate the ambitions of the students by arranging internships, organizing career-events, talent pools and we offer board years. Besides this we organize In-house days, where the students are going to visit a company in order to get an impression about companies which might be interesting for them in their future career. Every January the Wagenings Event takes place, this is an event especially for the Food Technology and Food & Health students. At this event the student get in contact with the FMCG companies in an informal way.

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