Kiwa CMR

Kiwa CMR has its roots in the agri-food sector and specialises in business services. The services it offers include control, verification and auditing, investigation, assessment, inspection, sampling, certification, grading, quality standards, software engineering, management, project management and much more. Kiwa CMR responds to its customers' needs with professional commitment and provides tailored solutions; independent, flexible, enthusiastic and reliable.

Kiwa CMR offers you the following services:

  • Control, verification, inspection, sample-taking, assesment and certification in the Netherlands and abroad by VERIN (Verificatie Instituut Kwaliteitssystemen BV) is a certification body that assesses products, processes and services.
  • Sevices Alspectro provides management and staff services to various organisations established by the pig, veal and poultry sector. These organisations’ activities include a number of sector-wide responsibilities that have been taken over from the Dutch Commodities Boards (Productschappen) since their dissolution at the end of 2014.

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