Nationaal Watertraineeship

Clean water to drink, well-built dikes to protect us and sufficient water to grow our crops. Water is everywhere and belongs to everyone. The challenge is to guarantee this for now and the future. Discover how you can employ your talent for these challenges!

The National Watertraineeship offers you the opportunity to get the most out of your starting career in the water sector! We are looking for highly educated people, who want to develop their talent during a unique two-year program. Personal attention is key in this.

Our partner organizations, your fellow trainees and trainers of the program, expect a lot of you. Your knowledge is specialized but
you’re also interested in the knowledge and specializations of others. You are enthusiastic and involved in your line of work. You are open to new challenges and like to work with others.

Together with you we’ll work on your unique start in the water sector! Interested? Our trainee groups start twice a year in April and October. Sign up and make sure you become the next generation of water

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