UrbAgri is a Paris based company involved in Urban Farming projects development and management in Europe and anywhere else we will find good opportunities.

We are mainly focused on:
-Designing and managing Vertical Farms and underground Farms
-Developing urban farming projects in order to strengthen communities, increase employability, and close social and intergenerational gaps in urban areas
-Structuring an urban farming sector and developing employment within the sector

We have already developed our basic concept of vertical farms on residential buildings on the rooftops and ground floors.

We are known launching a research program to consolidate and develop our concept of vertical farm in a whole "industrial" building according to our values and our conception of urban farming (organic, polycultures, short supply chain, good and tasty food, services to people and knowledge transfer).

We are looking for good and motivated Agro individuals also open to new areas of competencies as building construction, energy management, robotics, mecanic, digital management, computer programming… for:

  • training periods (5-6 months) on urban farming (experiments and conception studies)
  • 3 years of doctorate thesis on vertical farming (industrial concept mainly based on aquaponics)

Visit the company website for more information about UrbAgri.