CLS Services

Through our vast experience with clients we have built expert knowledge within the Chemistry and Life Sciences domain when it comes to recruitment & selection and career coaching. We work as a team. We share ideas, knowledge and skills with each other, in order to achieve excellent results. With the purpose that our clients profit from the expert knowledge of our employees.

Only through really understanding the needs and challenges of our candidates and our clients, we can help people and organisations to achieve lasting good results.

To achieve targets a match between client and candidate is necessary. This adds extra value to a team. But this process cannot be taken for granted. To make this happen, CLS thoroughly analyses the wishes of the client and its organisation. This information is combined with an intensive screening of candidates.

The profile of the professionals is assessed at the right level of knowledge and skills. The result is a detailed overview of where opportunities and wishes align, and the ideal match then comes into reach.

Our career coach has the expertise and experience to assist companies and candidates further in every phase of their career. Whether it is about reorienting on the job market, strengthening of competencies, looking for new challenges or new chances in yourself. CLS Services offers the opportunity to get the best out of yourself and the organisation. That is the strength of successful coaching.

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