Could you design the ultimate urban greenhouse?

Student Challenge: Design the Ultimate Urban Greenhouse

The explosion in urban growth presents opportunities as well as challenges to our environment and our food systems. Many cities start looking for ways to feed themselves sustainably and to create a liveable and healthy environment for urban dwellers.

To support these developments, Wageningen University & Research will organise a Student Challenge to “Design the Ultimate Urban Greenhouse” every other year.

The first edition of this Challenge in 2018 was part of the celebrations of the 100th anniversary of Wageningen University.

The Challenge

Multidisciplinary student teams are challenged to bring professional food production (back) into an urban neighbourhood, connecting it with local resource flows and e.g. local (smart) energy systems. Their design is based on an existing location in one of world’s major metropoles, different in every edition (Amsterdam in 2018). The teams receive all relevant specifications. Their design should encourage citizens to actively engage with the sustainable production and consumption of healthy food. Their business plan should show which values are created and prove that their design is worth investing in. The Challenge integrates social, economic, environmental and technical aspects.

The Challenge is open to student teams from all around the world, and teams may comprise students from different universities and universities of applied sciences.

More info

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