Meet the finalists of the ReThink Protein Challenge’2

Published on
June 9, 2021

Twelve international student teams will present their idea for producing sustainable, healthy and affordable protein during the Grand Finale of the Rethink Protein Challenge, organized by Wageningen University & Research. On 25 June the teams will present their ideas to a jury with a broad expertise in the field of food production.

The jury for the Rethink Protein Challenge is comprised of high-level representatives of DSM, Lely, Bayer, AVEBE, IFF and GEA. They will choose three winners in two categories (ideation and prototyping), who will be awarded prize money and further professional support. With that the total six winner will be able to develop their idea or product and contribute to a sustainable, healthy and protein rich future for everybody.

These are the twelve finalists:

Mushgroom: Facing the problem of global food shortage with a mushroom growing kit that uses domestic vegetable waste as nutrients for oyster mushrooms.

MLB (Make Liver Better): Utilizing liver proteins from by-products of livestock processing in a 3D printed pen for children. A fun way to supplement their protein intake.

AlgO: New technology that overcomes the obstacles of producing and transforming micro-algae into a sustainable and palatable ingredient for alternative protein-rich foods.

Flypro: Cultivating the larvae of the black soldier fly as a promising protein source for livestock in an inhospitable area of Indonesia, East Nusa Tenggara Province.

mINc: Supplying a highly nutritious and sustainable protein alternative in the form of a breakfast spread made of the mealworm.

Propers: Developing sustainable tempeh products on the basis of rubber seeds, an under-utilized protein source in Indonesia.

Pemla Forest Foods: Protein-rich artisanal nut flours sourced from regenerative forestry.

S.E.E.D: Recovering the value-added protein source from tomato seeds considered waste by the food processing industry.

SAHARA: Providing sustainable protein solutions to underserved communities and the communities of affluence, to create an effective revenue model and economic recycling between the two.

Blue Chitin: Feed additive that consists of waste material from the shrimp industry to improve the nutrient uptake efficiency in Nile tilapia.

Cultivated: Developing raw materials identical to those sourced from animal farming to satisfy the demand for traditional dairy products in a sustainable way.

ProProtein: Providing nutritious dairy products by fermentation with yeast.

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