Quest for a solution that will accelerate the protein transition

Published on
January 29, 2021

In the Rethink Protein 2 Challenge Wageningen University & Research challenges BSc, MSc and PhD students to come up with a business idea or prototype that helps to provide 9 billion people with enough protein in a way that is healthy, affordable and good for our planet.

During the Kick-off Event on 14 January more than 200 students in 49 teams from all over the world started this exciting journey.

These teams have a very diverse composition. Ranging from 1 to 12 team members, and having all members from the same university to teams consisting of members from seven different universities.


The diversity in the teams results in a multitude of outstanding propositions. Every team has their own idea on how to provide all people on earth with enough protein. Some of them are focussing on reducing the barriers for the consumers while other want to extract protein from new sources, such as tomato seeds or rice germ.  There are also teams who offer tailored solutions by using locally produced protein sources. The teams experiment with various technologies, from fermentation to 3D printing and Artificial Intelligence and each of them focusses on their own, unique market.

In the next few weeks the teams will work on their first milestone report. On the 3rd of March the top 30 teams will be selected to go to the second round during an on-line event.