Urban Greenhouse Talks: a new podcast about urban farming

February 1, 2022

The WUR Student Challenges Team is launching a new podcast series for everyone interested in urban farming. The five-episode series is set to release on podbean and paprikatastyradio on 14 February.

‘Urban Greenhouse Talks’ explores the world of urban farming through the lens of the Urban Greenhouse Challenge#3, an international student competition organised by Wageningen University & Research. The series focuses on the question of how feeding our cities can become more sustainable and socially inclusive. By interviewing a wide range of experts who shape the way we grow food in the cities, the series strives to give the audience an overview of current trends and developments, the future outlook for the sector and practical tips for the participants in the Challenge. 

The series consists of five episodes culminating in a live radio broadcast during the Grand Final of the Challenge on 29 June 2022. Hosts Renee Snijders and Ed Smit from Eat This will talk to such experts as Meiny Prins, CEO of Priva, initiator of the Sustainable Urban Delta and one of the Inspiring Fifty The Netherlands and Henry Gordon-Smith, founder and CEO of Agritecture. 

The podcast will deal with topics such as recent developments in urban farming, the future of the sector, vertical farming versus traditional horticulture and the impact of urban agriculture on younger generations and communities; it also links to larger themes such as poverty alleviation and racism. All richly illustrated with the examples from industrial leaders and the work of the participants in the Urban Greenhouse Challenge.

‘Urban Greenhouse Talks’ can be accessed via the podbean podcast platform or via Paprika Tasty Radio. The five-episode series is set to release on 14 February 2022 and will run until 29 June 2022.

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What is the Urban Greenhouse Challenge #3?

The Urban Greenhouse Challenge is an international student competition that aims to catalyse innovation in urban farming. The third edition of the Challenge focuses on creating an urban farm concept that ensures year-round sustainable and affordable food production while also generating income for the local residents of Ward 7, a neighbourhood in Washington DC, USA. Read more about the Urban Greenhouse Challenge.

About WUR Student Challenges:

Wageningen University & Research organises Challenges for students worldwide and supports WUR teams that participate in student competitions via WUR Student Challenges. These challenges pose a unique and enriching opportunity for students to work on real-life problems and to make a difference. Find out more about the opportunities for students or sponsoring enterprises.