Student Experience Team

The student experience team consists out of three members. Linda van Os is the project manager, Nienke Raeven the analyst and Nadieh Tubben the organiser.

team png.png

f.l.t.r. Linda van Os, Nienke Raeven & Nadieh Tubben

Linda van Os

My name is Linda and I’m the project manager of the Student Experience team. It is up to me to come up with a strategy for mapping the student experience and include the voice of our students within the processes and systems of the University. It drives me to improve the information for, communication with and services for students because I like to contribute to the wellbeing of students by facilitating their study process for them. And it gives me energy to help the organization change towards another point of view on things.

Nienke Raeven

It is my job to analyse all information gathered during the group sessions and identify the pain points and opportunities for improvement. Subsequently, I visualise the findings to provide actionable insight for change. I am interested in people and like to understand and help reshape patterns, so circumstances for people improve. This is what drives me. The creative aspect of the student journeys makes it a lot of fun!

Nadieh Tubben

My name is Nadieh Tubben and I am the organiser of the student experience sessions. One of my tasks is to make sure there are enough students at every sessions. I got this task since I have regular contact with students in panelsessions I organise and even a few of my friends are still studying at WUR (as I did as well). I really like working on the student experience project since I think it is a great improvement that students have the opportunity to share their needs and ideas with the university.