Conflicts and Complaints

Role of Ombudsperson.

For complaints about professors and study advisors, students can go to the ombudsperson. A separate complaints procedure exists for complaints regarding a student counsellor, psychologist, or doctor, which runs via the university’s Legal Department (JZ).

More information about the possibilities for objections and appeals and about filing a complaint can be found in the chapter Statues for Legal Protection of the Student.

Confidential Advisor.

Complaints concerning unwanted behaviour can be filed with the confidential advisor and, through the confidential advisor, with the specially appointed complaints committee. For more information, students can contact the confidential advisor.

You can make an appointment with the confidential advisor through e-mail:

What is unwanted behaviour?

Based on occupational health and safety (Arbo) Arbo law, the employer should endeavour to protect students as much as possible from unwanted behaviour and its negative consequences. Wageningen University ensures this through the Complaints procedure for unwanted behaviour. On a broad scale, it recognises the following forms of unwanted behaviour:

Sexual harassment.

This includes: - unwanted sexual advances and contact - non-verbal sexual behaviour (gestures) and sexual comments or demeanour that is experienced as being humiliating – publicly and privately forcing the performance of sexual activities for rewards (such as higher grades, promotion) - assault or rape.

Bullying, aggression, and violence.

This includes threats (including those made through electronic means), pestering, and verbal assault.


This includes the illegal differentiation between groups or individuals based on race, gender, belief, political opinion or other reasons.