Ombudsperson for Students

The student counsellors can also act as ombudsman or ombudsperson. It is an additional provision to existing complaint and appeal procedures (see also conflicts and complaints).

Students wishing to file a complaint about a Wageningen University staff member’s acts or demeanour can meet with the counsellor. This also applies to a complaint concerning negligence and unwanted situations.

The counsellor will first discuss with the student whether or not it is advisable to file a complaint. In some situations, the counsellor can refer you to the confidential advisor. Before filing a complaint, the counsellor can first encourage the student to reach a solution on their own. In order to do this, he/she will offer advice and guidance. If needed, the counsellor can take on a mediating role as ombudsperson.

If a complaint is filed that does not lead to a solution through mediation, the ombudsperson will write a report outlining his/her findings. The student and the other party involved in the conflict will both receive the report. The Executive Board will also be notified.

For complaints about a student counsellor or the Student Counselling Office, the current complaints procedure via the Legal Department (JZ) of Wageningen University applies.

Addressing complaints by the National Ombudsman and his complaints address at Wageningen University

It is possible for an internal complaints procedure to be continued with the National Ombudsman. The complaint should have been filed and addressed by Wageningen University first.

Making an appointment.

The function of ombudsperson is held by the student counsellors. Appointments can be made daily at the Student Desk at the Forum or by telephone via 0317-483618 (8:30-16:00, except Fridays). The student counsellor consults will also be held at the Forum.