Improving your Study Skills

If you wish to improve your study skills, Wageningen University can help you. You can also visit the websites below.

Training Study Skills

For MSc students

Training for MSc-students: ‘Get a grip on your studies’

The training ‘Get a grip on your studies’ is especially designed for you being an international MSc-student. The training offers you insight in your study approach and learning style(s). Besides that you learn using different study techniques and strategies, prioritizing and all about time-management. In addition, attention will be given to taking exams and dealing with procrastination and stress.

Do you match with this training?

- Are you a (international) MSc student?

- Can you use additional study support?

- Are you motivated to change your study behavior as well?

Did you answer 3 times ‘yes’? Then this training is definitely something for you!

A detailed description of the purpose and content of the training can be found in the study handbook. Couse code of the training is ZSS-05000.

When does the training take place?

The training is offered in period 2 and period 6. Register in time!

A maximum of 15 students can participate per group.

Register for this training?

1. Please, register for the training via MyPortal.

2. Signing up = Participating!


If you have any questions about this training, you can always contact your study advisor or the course coordinator (  

For example visit these websites for tips and tools: