Between cultures

Adjusting to a new culture may be difficult. To help students to get used to the Dutch (student) culture and Wageningen, WUR provides workshops and seeks to connect its students with other (international) students.

Training facilitated by Student Training & Support and Sportcentre De Bongerd


Lost in transition

Learn how to cope with loneliness, homesickness and educational shock studying in Wageningen

Arriving to a new place can be challenging. Specially at the beginning, it’s sometimes difficult to meet people and create meaningful connections. You might also experience that you are missing your home, family and friends more than you expected. There is a new environment, for some students even a new culture, full of hope and excitement but also with uncertainty and challenges both in the social and the academic field. You might experience this no matter at which point you are in your studies.

In this workshop you will learn how to cope with loneliness, homesickness and educational shock -the difficulties that you might notice when you come to study in a very different system than the one you are used to. For that purpose, we will experience how Mindfulness practice and techniques help us be to be anchored in the present moment, reflecting about our values in life, learning a different way to relate with feelings of loneliness and homesickness, and safely expressing and sharing our difficulties.

Regardless of where you are from, this is a workshop for you if you are feeling lonely, homesick or experiencing educational shock and want to find some tools that can help you look at your experience with alternative lenses, be more present -also during difficult times- and re-connect with what is important for you in life while you are studying in Wageningen.

This workshop has 4 sessions. In each, we will explore a different topic, and practice different exercises.

- Session 1: Loneliness

- Session 2: Homesickness

- Session 3: Educational shock

- Session 4: A mindful way of living everyday life

Between sessions, you will have to write a short reflection about the topics we will be exploring. In order to promote and preserve a safe space for all, commitment to all the sessions is necessary.

Key words: loneliness, homesickness, educational shock, Mindfulness, values

Dates: this training course will be scheduled again in the acaddemic year 2022-2023. Dates will be announced in August
Group size: about 15 students


Water is important in the Netherlands. We have to deal with it a lot since we are a country that is below the sea level. Therefore learning how to swim properly is important! We as Dutch people know how to swim at young age. But maybe for you it isn’t as obvious to learn how to swim as it is for us.

Therefore we are now offering a swimming course for international students! This is an 8 week course which is free (sports rights are required). Here you will learn the very basics of swimming, e.g. floating and not being afraid. This course is a proper start for people who never swam before.

This was an initiative of SWU Thymos in cooperation with SCB.

For more information please contact SWU Thymos via

Studium Generale

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Join the Studium Generale Community

Are you curious to broaden your horizons beyond your niche study subject and discover more about science, society and yourself? Then Studium Generale is the place to be.

On Tuesday evenings (unless otherwise indicated) we offer free and open extracurricular education activities in the form of lectures (series), discussions, workshops and cultural events on a wide range of topics you may never have fathomed or perhaps often wondered about. From Religious Nationalism to Loneliness, Universal Basic Income, Animal Personalities and beyond, Studium Generale continuously provides you with windows into themes beyond your studies.

What’s more, you will meet up with students from across the WUR, and together you will partake in meaningful exchanges and gain insights about yourself, the people around you and the world we live in. Join us in a safe and welcoming environment where special guests share their insights, and sign up for weekly agenda notifications here

Sign up for weekly agenda notifications

Go to the personal development page for more about Studium Generale

International Student Associations & Support

Study & Student Associations

Wageningen has a vibrant student life with lots of student and study associations that organise many interesting and fun activities for (international) students! Check their websites for more information.

International Student Organisation of Wageningen

ISOW is dedicated to provide a safe space for communities in Wageningen, especially international students and staffs, during their time in the city. They are to ensure effective integration of cultures for both local and international students, staff and residents of wageningen.

Erasmus Student Network Wageningen

ESN Wageningen is an international student organization and part of the Erasmus Student Network (ESN). They aim to make your stay as pleasant as possible and do this by organizing more than 100 social, cultural, integration, travel and sport events throughout the year.